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    Since 1981, our company has built the widest rollaway cage on the market.  We use 2 1/2 o.d. aluminum to build our cage not that 2 inch stuff used by other makers.  At 21 feet, our cage allows you to switch from left to right hand hitters without having to move your cage.  Our cage is 16 feet deep which allow you to have a catcher behind the plate during batting practice.  At 10 1/2 feet tall, the cage is tall enough that a catcher can throw the ball back to the pitcher and protect the batter from balls ricocheting off the top of the cage and on his head.  Our cages are priced and come with a lean bar for the coach,  back drop,  and 25 feet of padding on the front bar a no extra cost.  Additional padding is available.   Baseball and softball coaches: get the most out of your practice time, eliminate chasing  foul balls and most importantly, improve safety for your players during batting practice.   All of our cages that are located on the coast from Florida to North Carolina have survived  the latest hurricanes including: Aaron, Opal and Floyd. We probably have a cage in your  area. Check our list of locations.  With a purchase order, we can structure payments to fit your budget over a two year  period.  Delivery time is 7 to 10 days (FOB Atlanta, GA).  If you have any questions, please  consult our contact page! Call Grady's cell (334) 488-4771

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    Lanier Rollaway Battingcages

    (334) 222-9189